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Rates and Scheduling

Santa Tom's rates vary based on the length and type of visit and travel time from his base of operations in Toledo. There is a significant discount for children's charities.

Visits are scheduled as they are requested. Santa Tom expects his schedule to fill up quickly, so call early if you need a visit at a specific time!


Santa Tom is available on weekends and most evenings. Some weekday afternoon visits are also available. Call early to book special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day visits!

What to Expect when Santa Visits

Santa Tom will tailor his visit to your specifications. He will take some time to discuss your needs prior to his arrival, so that his visit will be unique and special! Typically, he will:

Private Parties:

For children's parties in your home, Santa Tom will use information you provide to make his visit extra special. Arrangements can be made for Santa Tom to have your gifts placed in his pack before his arrival, and to address any specific needs or concerns.

Corporate Parties:

For office parties at business locations and banquet halls, you may choose to have Santa Tom mingle with your guests and assist with any formal presentations you may have, in addition to greeting your guests and posing for photographs. For family parties, Santa Tom will gladly take time to speak with each child individually.

Daycare & Classroom Visits

For visits to your Daycare or Classroom, Santa Tom can entertain the children with songs and stories, in addition to the usual visits. He will read favorite Christmas books, lead children in singing familiar carols, and relate stories of Christmas and Santa's History.

Promotional & Charity Events:

Have Santa Tom attend your special business, civic or charity event! He will greet your patrons and pose for photographs. If you have promotional materials, he will help distribute them to your patrons.

Santa Tom offers special rates for charities helping children. While Santa Tom enjoys public civic events, he regrets that he cannot appear at partisan political rallies.

Contacting Santa Tom

You may use any of the following methods to contact Santa Tom:

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